Biden Defends “Mass Firings” and “Hundreds of People Losing Their Jobs” Over His Unconstitutional Vax Mandates (VIDEO)

From Gateway Pundit:

Joe Biden on Thursday traveled to the greater Chicago area to promote his unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

Biden delivered remarks from a Clayco Construction site in Elk Grove Village after taking a tour of the facility.

Biden could barely read his teleprompter and struggled to recall the word “telephone.”

At one point Dementia Joe totally forgot where he was: “The Ohio Pennsylvania, the Ohio Pennsylvania, I’m from Pennsylvania,” Biden said gesturing to himself. “The Illinois president.”

Biden also defended “mass firings” and thousands of people losing their jobs because of his vax mandates.

Joe Biden is an expert at killing jobs (and US servicemembers).

He killed tens of thousands of jobs his first day in office and continues to do so to this day.

“When you see headlines and reports of mass firings and hundreds of people losing their jobs, look at the bigger story,” Biden said bragging about his jobs-killing mandate.

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